VelaFlor Jewellery

Introducing Our Handcrafted and Upcycled Jewellery

Florentina, the founder of VelaFlor Jewellery, is originally from Mindanao in the Philippines. She studied Silversmithing in the UK in 2011 and started her company the same year. For all her metal products, she only uses pure 925 Sterling Silver and she also uses semi-precious stones for most of her items. Here, her handcrafted and upcycled jewellery are featured.

Many of her items are handcrafted completely, but she also upcycles other silver and semi-precious jewellery to create her own unique designs. Since she doesn’t limit the availability of her products to a single location, Florentina’s items have been sold in craft fairs in Scotland including the Shetland Islands, England, Wales, and Norway. As a result of her items’ uniqueness and popularity, her Market has grown considerably and she now has a dedicated following.

Because of her passion for handcrafted and upcycled jewellery, she continues to craft beautiful jewellery for people who have fallen in love with her work. Her unique blend of ancient Filipino and Celtic jewellery can be seen in every jewellery design she has come up with. That’s why if you also have a passion for things Celtic and anything unique, you’re definitely going to love what she does.

Also, Authenticity of materials won’t be a problem with her because she only works with quality silver and stones. She also sells some selected and pre-owned jewellery which are properly appraised before being featured on this website.

So, if you want to own something new, beautiful, and unique, don’t hesitate to browse Florentina’s works here at VelaFlor Jewellery! Shop with us now!