A Look Back at the History of Jewellery

If there is one thing that people love to wear other than clothes, it would be jewellery. Yes, jewellery is as much of a household name as LG or Ford. When we mention the word “jewellery”, we automatically think of elegance, sophistication, and money. We do have to admit, gold and silver jewellery demand a hefty amount of money but, we also have to admit that wearing an authentic piece of jewellery will definitely highlight you and give you a sense of elevated status. Why? That’s because when you buy silver jewellery anywhere in the world, you are seen as a person of power and wealth. Who wouldn’t want that?

But how did the whole jewellery phenomenon come about? Who were the pioneers of jewellery-making? All that and more will be tackled when you read further.

It is well-documented that the first pieces of jewellery were made of bone, wood, and stones. Historians believed that these pieces of artifacts were used not for fashion but more as a tool used during rituals. Early users of such artifacts believed that through these tools, the experience of such rituals and practices would be heightened. Though they first used jewellery for religious and ceremonial purposes, it was not long before it became a symbol of royalty.

Today, buying authentic jewellery won’t necessarily give you a status of royalty. But, you will still be recognized as someone who can afford to spend on something as expensive and rare as handcrafted jewellery. So, if that’s the message you want to send, why not buy silver jewellery?

Now, back to history!

It is thanks to the rise of civilizations that man began to discover precious metals such as gold, silver, and gemstones. The early evidence of mineral mining can be dated back to around 4000 BC in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). Archaeologists have excavated early mining caves where traces of silver can be found. Other similar mines have been excavated and dated to around 3000 BC. This shift in the mining industry back then indicates that people began to take more interest in silver. At that time, the silver trade has also skyrocketed throughout the world (this may explain why more effort into mining silver was done).

Egypt is well-known for their use of gold for almost everything related to the pharaohs. Pharaohs believed that gold was a symbol of immortality and undying beauty; thus, it was reserved only for those of royal descent namely, them. From the makeup they wore to the tombs in which they were buried, they made it a point to use these precious stones and minerals to symbolize wealth, power, beauty, and immortality.

China is credited as one of the earliest civilizations to refine minerals, namely silver (traders of silver jewellery in Calgary owe it to the Chinese), and shape them into beautiful pieces of art that royal families can wear. These craftsmen created necklaces, bangles, and headgear so articulate that one would even wonder how such early people were capable of creating such detail-oriented designs.

Not only that, they are also credited as one of the pioneers who began placing stones onto their designs. The intricate designs of Chinese jewellery became sought after by various merchants and traders for its perceived beauty and elegance. When these pieces of jewellery reached Europe, it became prized items for royal families (mainly because the average citizen was not able to afford them).

Thanks in part to the Renaissance era and the Industrial Age, jewellery became more accessible to the average man; craftsmen began to combine different metals to create one that’s cheaper and more affordable. Stainless steel began to fill the market as it imitated the qualities of silver. But, such as how alchemists failed to develop gold from other metals, true silver can never be faked. People, not only in Calgary but all across the country, would still prefer to have an authentic silver ring on their finger rather than a stainless steel one.

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