With Us, You'll Learn What Upcycled Jewellery is about and More!

Here at VelaFlor Jewellery, we also sell beautiful upcycled jewellery pieces for you to choose from. Our featured products include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Also, if you're worried about our featured upcycled jewellery not being available where you are, don't worry because we also ship our products internationally. So, take your pick and order yours now!

What does “upcycled” mean?

Upcycling means taking something that can no longer be used and transforming it into something that is not only beautiful but also valuable.  But, take note that our featured items on upcycled jewellery are a far cry from what novices make. So if you are thinking about our upcycled jewellery looking like a child’s arts and crafts project, don’t. Ours are crafted with intricate designs influenced by Celtic works to give them a unique and different look. 


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