Silver is Forever: Why Silver Jewellery Has Remained Part of Our Lives

Silver, the name itself resonates in the minds of people from all walks of life. From the bourgeoisie in their ivory towers to saxophone players in Central Park, they can be seen adorning themselves with silver jewellery. Silver jewellery in all parts of the globe has withstood the test of time, mainly due to its timeless look; or maybe because gold is becoming more and more expensive as the years pass by. Some would argue that silver’s general qualities make it easier to wear or that silver has some other worldly powers and can heal people from times of old. Whichever way you look at it, silver, especially silver jewellery, is here to stay. So, if you haven’t got yours yet, start looking for a design that works for you!

The question still remains though, why is silver jewellery so iconic? We’ll be delving into the physical, economic, and anthropological aspects behind silver to better understand the reason as to why it remains to be one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery.

In order for us to understand why silver has withstood the test of time, we should look at the aesthetics of silver itself. Silver is a by-product of other ores such as copper or lead-zinc. It is uncombined, meaning it contains no or just extremely minute traces of other elements that make up the mineral. It is, in a sense, pure. The color of silver is shiny and somewhat similar to stainless steel or chrome. The main difference is that steel needs to be polished excessively to shine and even after initial buffing. People back in the day were fascinated by such component that they began using it as part of their attire. Thus, the marketability of silver over the years skyrocketed to greater heights.

This is where one of the primary reasons for silver withstanding the test of times comes into play. Silver’s natural shine is captivating, and when we began to shape it into elegant pieces of jewellery, it almost instantly became a fashion statement and a means for people to be recognized. Just imagine yourself in a gala and you happen to see someone wearing silver jewellery. Your eyes move towards the direction of his jewellery before zooming out to see the person and what he or she is wearing. The beautifully made piece of silver jewellery subconsciously made you look at the person and recognize his presence. Compare that to someone who simply wore a tuxedo to the gala; you would look, but not as long as you would take staring at the one who wore the silver jewellery. So, if you really want to stand out, look for silver jewellery that’s unique and beautiful not only to you, but also to everybody.

Many a times have we encountered people wearing silver jewellery in various occasions. Maybe we have encountered once or twice before those people saying that jewellery accents their clothes. Compared to gold, silver is much more forgiving in terms of color. Although one can wear anything as they so please, a lot of people would want to wear a set of colors that match their skin tone. 

Silver accents neutral colors such as white or black, and does not overpower other colors such as brown or violet, making it an ideal piece to wear regardless of the person’s skin tone and clothes. 

We already know that silver jewellery has gained a good reputation over the years and is now up there with gold and diamonds. But, what’s surprising is that silver has generally been a cheaper product compared to gold or diamond.

Silver jewellery, for example, is relatively cheaper than its gold counterpart. This is primarily due to the fact that, unlike gold, silver is abundant and forms on the surface of the earth, making it cheaper to mine. Gold and diamonds are generally harder to mine; gold alone needs to undergo refining in order to show its pure quality. This complexity in mining and refining, in addition to gold being the basis for most countries, makes gold or diamonds more expensive as compared to silver.

“Gemstones and silver go together” is what some jewellery makers claim, and they’re not kidding; silver is a perfect vessel for other precious metals, may that be from jade to garnet, to even diamonds. The color of silver lends itself to the beauty of the stone. Regardless of the stone’s color and depth, silver is able to highlight its beauty and make it that more elegant; unlike yellow gold which color limits its ability to highlight gemstones.

The versatility and simplicity of silver have made it endure centuries after it has been first molded and shaped. The mere fact that its color is neutral yet captivating makes it a great statement for anyone who wishes to be noticed. Its subtle look adds to the aura of people who want to be taken seriously. It highlights the shape and beauty of any type of gemstone similar to that of women and makeup. Silver is cheaper than gold but retains its credibility as one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery on Earth.

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